Регионален исторически музей в Шумен


The Museum is a walking distance away from Hotel Central, walking along the main pedestrian alley. It is famous as one of the first and biggest museums in the country. Throughout the years the museum accumulates over 150 000 artefacts, dating back to the 5th millennia B.C. , up until the 20th Century A.D. In the Regional Museum Shumen you can see exhibitions from the Prehistoric era, the Antiquity and the Middle ages up to the history of the Bulgarian State until 1991. The museum possesses a vast collection of treasures and hosts temporary exhibitions. In addition to immersing yourself in artifacts, you can also familiarize yourself with the scientific activity of the scientific institute at the Regional History Museum. RHM Shumen is a part of the 100 National Tourist Sites and offers organized tourist routes to the other tourist sites included in the Bulgarian Tourist Union in the district of the city of Shumen.

Паметник Създатели на българската държава


Alongside admiring the Monument through the Apartments’ windows here at Hotel Central, you can also see it from much closer. For the adventurers and nature walkers, you can climb the 1,300 steps leading up to the Memorial Complex or enjoy a scenic drive by car. The monument is situated at an altitude of 450m, the peak of the Shumen Plateau. The majestic concrete bodies and sculptures represent the creation and development of the Bulgarian state. The memorial complex is part of the 100 tourist sites and offers its visitors a guided tour.
Шуменска крепост


The Shumen fortress is located approximately 2 km from the city, it can be reached by car on the road, part of the “V. Velikov Memorial Mountain Ascent track”. For those of you who enjoy longer walks, you can also enjoy a 40-minute hike to the fortress. History indicates that this territory was settled as early as the 12th century B.C., and among the first inhabitants were the Thracians. While visiting the ancient settlement, immerse yourself in the magic of history and enjoy the panoramic view over the city. Do not forget to put another stamp in the collection of the 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Национален историко-археологически резерват Плиска


Number 96 of the 100 tourist sites in Bulgaria is the Old Town – Pliska, located 28 km from the city of Shumen and 3 km from the city of Pliska. Learn more about the history of the first capital of Bulgaria – Pliska and walk around the preserved architectural landmarks. Nearby is the largest Christian temple in Southeast Europe – the Great Basilica. As part of your walk in Pliska, we advise you to visit the Cyrillic yard.

Мадарски конник - с. Мадара


Approximately 30 minutes by car takes you from the city of Shumen to the village of Madara, where you can see the medieval bas-relief of the Madara Horseman. It is the only rock relief in Europe, part of the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage list, and of course included in the 100 national tourist sites. The Madar horseman is a global symbol of Bulgaria and can be reached on foot with the help of a 100-meter staircase.

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